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Briar Rose J.
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In January 2017 daddy went into urgent care because his blood sugar was really high. They told him that there were some tests he had done last September 2016 that looked a little off. They then asked, “did someone tell you that you have cancer?” After doing more testing and doctors visits we learned that he had Stage 3 Medium Grade Prostate Cancer.

August 4th 2017, daddy got surgery to remove this prostate cancer. The journey to get to this point has been tough and scary. I’ve been to every doctors appointment, and kept record of everything that is going on with this thus far. It’s sad that it took us 8 months to get everything settled to the point of getting surgery for this.

The recovery time for the surgery was supposed to be 2 days; it ended up being 2.5 weeks and in the ICU no less. My dads kidneys were failing him. He was barely a functioning human and he was in excruciating pain. He was then transitioned to a transition home (kind of like an old folks home. They didn’t clean him or bath him. They sent him home 2 weeks later.

Daddy was home for 2 days before we rushed him back to the hospital due to a rash on his genitals. When we got to the ER we found that he got MRSA, sepsis, and a severe bacteria infection. He then stayed in the ICU in a containment room. He was back at the hospital for 2 weeks due to the MRSA.

He was released and able to come home. He was home for about 10 days before we had to make a 3rd trip to the ER. This time they found that he had Congestive Heart Failure and severe pneumonia. This hospital stay was only about 2.5-3 weeks.

Since then he has had a surgery to fix a hernia from the prostatectomy, and an emergency gallbladder removal surgery. He has yet to gain control of his bladder and still wears adult diapers. He sees doctors about once a week or so. I go to every single appointment and maintain ALL of his medical records. All of these medical issues came insight because someone overlooked a test result saying he had stage 3 Prostate cancer.

During this time, I drove 40 minutes one way twice a day to sit with my daddy in the hospital. The staff new me very well. Sometimes I would even stay over night if it got too late. I was by his bedside every step of the way. Thankfully work was accommodating and would let me work from the hospital during days I needed to.

I love my daddy more than anything and I do everything in my power to ensure everything for him goes as smoothly as possible!!

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