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How Prostate Cancer is Different in Men of African Descent

If you are a man of African ancestry, prostate cancer needs to be on your radar.  This is because, of all the men in the world, you are in..Read More


Why Genes Matter

Revolution.  It’s a shame that we tend to use that word so freely—to describe, say, a new style of men’s briefs, or a hand-crafted microbrew, or an engine-protecting motor..Read More


Prostate Cancer Screening and You

1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in his life. And those men who survived did so because they got checked for prostate..Read More


Lower Your Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer

Want to Lower Your Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer?  Don’t Smoke.  Also, Lose Weight. For several years now, doctors have known that there was a link between prostate cancer..Read More


Take Back Your Sex Life

Surgery or radiation treatment for localized prostate cancer doesn’t mean that your sex life has to be over. But a big part of this may be up to you..Read More


Interview with an Expert: Rehabilitating Your Penis

INTERVIEW WITH AN EXPERT Trinity Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D., the R. Christian B. Evensen Professor of Urology and Oncology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Rehabilitating Your Penis Will your sex life be the same..Read More


Help for ED after Prostate Surgery: The Basics

What’s the secret to having a good sex life after prostate cancer?  It’s very simple, says Johns Hopkins urologist Trinity Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D.  “You use prescription erection pills.  If..Read More


If You Still Need Help

If You Still Need Help MUSE:  Meh.  There is another type of therapy, called MUSE.  Johns Hopkins urologist Trinity Bivalacqua, M.D., Ph.D., doesn’t recommend it, but your doctor might talk..Read More


How to Find an Expert Surgeon

Please Read This Before You Go Under the Knife: How to Find an Expert Surgeon If you have ever talked to a group of men who have had surgery..Read More


Biopsy: Things You Need to Know

The first thing you should know is that there’s still plenty of room for confusion after a biopsy. The prostate in a young man is about the size of..Read More