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Another Year Older, Another Year Better! Part 2

In part 1 we looked at some exercise and diet changes that can help you get and stay healthier.  Here are some more tips to help you renew yourself..Read More


External-Beam Radiation for Prostate Cancer: Practical Tips

If you are about to undergo external-beam radiation for prostate cancer, you may find that the treatments themselves are easy.  Preparing for the daily treatments, however, may take some..Read More


Surgery, Short-Course ADT, Radiation, and Remission

In 2013, Allan Odden was 70, newly retired from a career as a college professor, in good health, walking four miles a day, playing golf and bridge, and ready..Read More


What If Your Treatment is Delayed?

So, you’ve got localized prostate cancer, you’ve decided to get it treated with either surgery or radiation, and you have steeled yourself to get on with it.  You’ve been..Read More


Treatment of Oligometastasis: Update from the ORIOLE Study

To the growing list of strategies for attacking prostate cancer, let us add this approach:  Whack-a-Mole. That’s how Johns Hopkins radiation oncologist Phuoc Tran, M.D., Ph.D., describes it to his..Read More


ADT and Your Health During COVID-19

So, there’s a global pandemic.  If you’re on androgen deprivation therapy (hormone therapy, or ADT) for prostate cancer, you may think, “I’ve got enough to worry about.” Well -..Read More


HITCH: Years of PCF-Funded Research and Discovery Lead to New PCF-VA Clinical Trial for Veterans With COVID-19

Although the global pandemic-causing coronavirus called COVID-19 has only recently taken over all our lives – killing more Americans in just eight weeks than died in the entire Vietnam..Read More


Sexual Health After Prostate Cancer: Patients and Partners

When it comes to disrupting your life, prostate cancer cuts quite the swath.   We don’t know exactly how big this trail of disruption is.  We don’t know how bad..Read More


Prostate Cancer’s Sweet Tooth

Cancer loves sugar, and sugar really loves cancer.  Isn’t that sweet?  Actually, no, it’s more like a match made in hell – because sugar (glucose) makes many types of..Read More


Blood and Urine Tests for Prostate Cancer

Your PSA is going up.  What’s going on with your prostate?  Do you need a biopsy?  Or, maybe you’ve already had a biopsy that didn’t find cancer, but your..Read More