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Leanne M.
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My dad Ron William Mobley was a brave man.  Dad left small town B. C. To join the Canadian Army. He served Canada in the Korean war. Our dad made it back to BC. Married his love Joanne, adopted a son and fostered many children in need of care. Twenty two years into their marriage they were surprised to have a daughter Rhonda,  and later Leanne.

Our dad was scarred by time in the Army. He had a fear of dentists and doctors. In 1993 at 62 years old, he started to lose weight, too much weight. He faced his fear and saw a doctor. The doctor turned him away told him he was a grumpy old man, and he would get better.

My dad unfortunately listened to the doctors advice felt ashamed and continued to lose more weight. The weight loss made him weak. So weak that my uncle had to carry him to another doctor office.

This doctor diagnosed him with prostate cancer. The prognosis in 1993 was not great, he was weak and lost a lot of weight. He tried chemotherapy, radiation, blood transfusions, herbal teas anything that would allow him to be with his family.

Our dad returned to the second doctor. He told him he was not afraid to die, rather he was afraid how his youngest child would take it. The doctor told myself, Leanne, that when given a choice he will pass away with me in the room. Your dad will choose you.

My dad lost his battle November 1993, I was alone in the room. I had told my dad every secret, everything thing my whole life. I had no great parting words except “when you get to heaven say hi to John Lennon for me” ( I was 17 and obviously brilliant)

I saw my dad moments later reach his arms out and call to his mom. I called my family but it was too late.

Dad lives on in stories told by us kids, or in the unmistakable eyebrows of his grandson.

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