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Get Your Loved One Off Your Back

Get your loved one off your back. Find out when you should get screened at PCF.orgRead More

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Doctors Advice to Cancer Patients

We asked some of our doctors about their advice to patients. Here is what they had to say.Read More

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What Do You Need To Know About Sex After Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Dan Spratt goes over what you need to know about sex after prostate cancer.Read More

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2020 Blue Jacket Fashion Show

Dr. Mike, Dr. Oz, Bill Nye, Carson Kressley, Nigel Barker, and many other celebrities hit the runway to bring awareness to prostate cancer. You can also spot DJ Envy, Billy...Read More

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Atlanta Hawks Prostate Cancer PSA

NBA Hall of Famer, Grant Hill, joins two Emory University doctors to encourage men to get screened for prostate cancer. This February The Atlanta Hawks Foundation will donate $250 per...Read More

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What are natural cancer treatments?

Dr. Dan Spratt discusses alternative cancer treatments and complimentary cancer treatments in relation to cancer.Read More

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Johann de Bono: Investing in Discovery

Dr. Johann de Bono talks cancer, progress, and the future of prostate cancer.Read More

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What is a Normal PSA Test?

Understanding a PSA test can be confusing, and many people want to know what a "normal" result is. Here Dr. Dan Spratt discusses this topic and explores other things that...Read More

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Signs That You May Be At Risk For Prostate Cancer

Many people ask questions like "what are the signs of prostate cancer?" Dr. Dan Spratt discusses this subject and provides guidance.Read More

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Why Donate to PCF

Discover why the Prostate Cancer Foundation is the best dollar you can spend to help cure cancer.Read More