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What are Stem cells blog featured image

What Are Stem Cells & How Can They Help Cure Cancer?

Dr. Dan Spratt explains what stem cells are and how they can be used to help cure cancer.Read More

mental health blog featured image

Mental Health

Your state of mind has played, and will continue to play, a critical role in your cancer journey. From staying positive to controlling your diet and exercise routine, your overall...Read More

what is cancer metastasis blog featured image

What Is Cancer Metastasis?

Dr. Dan Spratt explains what a metastasis is and where metastasis most often occurs in prostate cancer.Read More

sexual function blog featured image

Sexual Function After Prostate Cancer

Dr. Adam Feldman reviews key information about sexual function after prostate cancer. Touching on erectile dysfunction, incontinence and much more this video serves as a touch point to all your...Read More

Light it blue blog featured image

The Powerful Impact of Light It Blue

On September 3rd, for the first time in history, iconic buildings in every state in the US lit blue for prostate cancer awareness. To celebrate this landmark event, the Prostate...Read More

Simon Says Run Blog Featured Image

“Simon Says Run” for Cancer

NW Florida fundraiser marks 6th year with its most donations ever Six years ago, Jennifer (Gin) Newman’s father, Simon Mckee, was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer with a PSA of...Read More

Take Action This PCAM featured image

Take Action This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, but did you know that prostate cancer is 99% treatable if detected early? September, National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, is...Read More

who should choose active surveillance featured image

Who Should Choose Active Surveillance?

Active surveillance may be right for you if your cancer is in grade group 1 (Gleason 3+3), PSA <10, and the cancer is confined to the prostate and/or cancer that...Read More

shockwave article featured image

Shockwave Therapy for ED?

In the complicated and sometimes tricky-to-navigate world of treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), a new approach is making – well, waves.  It’s called shockwave therapy.  You may have seen ads...Read More

PC is nothing to be ashamed of featured image


Let’s get real for a minute. Many men experience shame as a result of their prostate cancer diagnosis. Why? There is no concrete answer to this, objectively prostate cancer is...Read More