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Stephen Tendrich Pink Nail Society

“I wanted to give him confidence, I wanted him to believe he could live on. I knew right there, I just knew I needed to help him. Did I know...Read More


What is the Home Run Challenge?

If you follow baseball, or if you follow PCF, you have likely heard about the Home Run Challenge. But what is the Home Run Challenge? Here is everything you need...Read More

preparing for summer with cancer blog image

Preparing for Summer with Cancer

Many people look forward to summer – a little lighter work schedule, less traffic, a long-anticipated trip, longer days, outdoor entertainment. But if you’re experiencing cancer, you may not feel...Read More

stephen eisenmann blog featured image

Never Give Up: The Journey from Metastatic to Complete Response

Stephen Eisenmann saw his metastatic diagnosis as a problem to be solved… and PCF-funded doctors and researchers helped him do it. Stephen Eisenmann met his wife Elizabeth in 1990 when...Read More

how to tell your children about your cancer diagnosis featured image

How to Tell Your Kids About Your Cancer Diagnosis

Prioritize telling your children Many people face understandable reluctance when deciding whether they should tell their children about their cancer diagnosis. Are they too young? Is it too much for...Read More

3 things you can control blog featured image

3 Things You Can Control During Your Prostate Cancer Journey

The feeling of helplessness brought upon a patient and those who love them is perhaps one of the worst parts of a prostate cancer diagnosis. Between the uncertainty of the...Read More

PC does discriminate featured image

Prostate Cancer Does Discriminate

The phrase “cancer does not discriminate” gets thrown around quite a bit. It comes from a good place –– the idea that cancer is everyone’s problem and that whether you...Read More

5 easy ways to eat better with PC image

5 Easy Ways to Eat Better with Prostate Cancer

When faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis, like any cancer diagnosis, the typical reaction is to want to do anything and everything that might cure you of the disease. In...Read More

financial toxicity featured image

Financial Toxicity in Cancer Patients

When we hear the dreaded word cancer, money is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. But if you ask survivors or the families of patients, they will...Read More


We’re on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

We are very pleased to announce that our favorite spokescouple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell discussed their support of PCF on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Recently Dax and Kristen did...Read More