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What If Your Treatment is Delayed?

So, you’ve got localized prostate cancer, you’ve decided to get it treated with either surgery or radiation, and you have steeled yourself to get on with it.  You’ve been through a lot already: from the PSA results to coming to terms with the fact that you have prostate cancer.   You. Read More

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Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities. Currently we don't have any open positions but if you are interested in possible future opportunities please send your CV to info@pcf.org. Read More


Breaking Down Barriers to Treatment – Literally

In the past few years, several new treatment options have become available to patients with advanced prostate cancer. Radionuclide therapy is a new class of treatments which uses a hybrid “targeting” molecule to bind to a target protein on prostate cancer cells and a radioactive “killing” molecule to destroy the. Read More


Surgery, Short-Course ADT, Radiation, and Remission

In 2013, Allan Odden was 70, newly retired from a career as a college professor, in good health, walking four miles a day, playing golf and bridge, and ready to enjoy many more years with his wife, Eleanor.  When he went for his yearly physical, his doctor asked if he. Read More


External-Beam Radiation for Prostate Cancer: Practical Tips

If you are about to undergo external-beam radiation for prostate cancer, you may find that the treatments themselves are easy.  Preparing for the daily treatments, however, may take some getting used to – but you can do it! Here with some tips is University of Michigan radiation oncologist and Prostate. Read More


Another Year Older, Another Year Better! Part 2

In part 1 we looked at some exercise and diet changes that can help you get and stay healthier.  Here are some more tips to help you renew yourself in 2020! What about testosterone?  If you are a man taking hormone therapy (androgen deprivation therapy, or ADT for short) for. Read More


Another Year Older, Another Year Better!

Welcome to 2020!  It’s the Chinese year of the Rat – the first in the 12-year rotation of zodiac signs, which means that this is a year of renewal.  What better way to start fresh than to make a few simple changes – so you can feel better and look. Read More


The Way Back

If you’re a young man diagnosed with prostate cancer, maybe your first thought is, “Am I going to die?”  And then, “What’s the best way to treat this?”  And then:  “Will I ever get my life back?” And here’s the thing:  By the time they get to that third question,. Read More


Stress and Prostate Cancer

Does prostate cancer make stress worse?  For many men dealing with prostate cancer, the answer is a definite yes; of course it does.  Having prostate cancer is worrisome – even today, when there is more hope of successful treatment than ever before.  But it’s not just the cancer itself.  It’s. Read More


Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

If you have been diagnosed with cancer that is contained within the prostate, you may be thinking: “Hey, there’s just a spot of cancer that showed up on the MRI,” or: “Only three of the needles came back with any cancer at all.” And this may lead you to think: . Read More