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Aggressive Prostate Cancer and Our “Dark DNA”

Imagine trying to study Earth, and only looking at the land.  You could learn many things, it’s true – but you would also miss a heck of a lot, because the vast majority of our planet is covered by water!  They don’t call it the blue planet for nothing! To. Read More

Changing the Fight Against Metastatic Prostate Cancer

UCSF physician-scientists and PCF-funded investigators David Oh, M.D., Ph.D., and Larry Fong, M.D., are doing something that would have been unthinkable even a couple years ago: they are aggressively going after hormone-sensitive cancer that has escaped the prostate, as soon as it is diagnosed.  Not waiting for it to get. Read More


Smoking and Race

Part I Part II Part III The Connection Between Smoking and Prostate Cancer Smoking and Your Telomeres Smoking and Race   At this point we all know that smoking is bad for your health, but new studies have shown that race may also be a factor in the connection between. Read More


What are Telomeres and how some lifestyle choices destroy them? Smoking and Your Telomeres

Part I Part II Part III The Connection Between Smoking and Prostate Cancer Smoking and Your Telomeres Smoking and Race   Telomeres are like aglets, the little plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces (in fact, their name comes from the Greek words meaning “end” and “part”).  They are tiny. Read More


The Connection Between Smoking and Prostate Cancer

Part I Part II Part III The Connection Between Smoking and Prostate Cancer Smoking and Your Telomeres Smoking and Race   If you smoke cigarettes, you are more likely to die of prostate cancer. Wait, how can this be?  It’s the lungs that are up there in the combat zone,. Read More


Make Sure Your PSA is as Accurate as Possible

The PSA is never meant to be a one-shot reading; it’s not a constant number, forever set in stone like the Ten Commandments.  Instead, it’s more like a Polaroid snapshot – a quick capture of one moment in time.  PSA fluctuates; that’s why it’s good to follow the general trend. Read More


Program Assistant

PCF is seeking a Program Assistant to support and advance PCF’s Veteran’s Health Initiative. We are looking for someone who enjoys administrative support, thrives in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment, and excels at time management, organization, and planning skills. Your love of efficiency, attention to detail, resourcefulness, and good judgement to. Read More


Marketing Intern

PCF is seeking a Marketing Intern to engage with various facets of marketing campaigns. From marketing strategy to execution, you will gain a broad level of exposure and experience with real hands on learning. PCF has direct connectivity to millions of patients and can push out vital medical information pertaining. Read More


Manager, Community and Social Media

PCF is seeking an organized, creative self-starter who likes to put their smarts to good use.  We are a team of driven and innovative change-makers, with an entrepreneurial spirit, working together to change the lives of men with prostate cancer and their families.  We are looking for someone who wants. Read More

This September, PCF teamed up with Dax Shepard to encourage men to get screened.

What would Dax rather do than get a prostate cancer exam? Just about anything. It’s funny to think about, but the problem is real: 1 in 9 men get prostate cancer, yet 42% of men say they are afraid to get screened. A prostate cancer exam starts with a simple. Read More