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Linda A.
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What a whirlwind prostate cancer is from the time symptoms are presenting their ugly heads to the sit down conversation with your doctors saying they are sorry the prognosis is bad, then, to your flight to MDAnderson hoping for a miracle! My husband was diagnosed at 45 after his primary physician misdiagnosed his symptoms at 44 year old physical. We were living our best life with him recently promoted to running a new division for his company, our new move into an amazing neighborhood states away from family, and young children, 3, 4, and 11. We were not ready to get this kind of news! I will say as a caregiver to John, we were all about doing everything we could to keep him focused with a positive mindset and living each day for our family. A specific time we were at MDAnderson and discovered the hormone therapy was no longer working. He had to begin clinical trials. His creatinine levels were too high to start this trial so a surgical procedure had to happen in hopes of dropping his creatinine levels down so we could begin treatment. (I always use WE because he might be enduring the physical parts of prostate cancer but I am enduring everything with the love of my life). As John and I were in recovery we were talking about creating a mantra to live by so that we could continue this fight…whatever it takes, no whining, no complaining, just get it done. Going through the kidney stent procedure was our first visit into me becoming a nurse, cleaning wounds on his back, preventing infection…..but you learn that you are strong and will do just about anything in your power to save your husband’s life.

He did die nearly 9 years ago at the age of 47.  I have continued to raise our 3 children now 13, 14, and 21 to be happy and successful. John will always be talked about and remembered as an amazing person! I like to remember him before cancer.

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